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Having photographed many weddings in the Somerset and South Gloucestershire area, we have come across lots of great wedding venues.

We have visited lavish and historic wedding manor houses to small and intimate church weddings, but it’s not the wedding venue, it’s the people at the wedding that’s important.

However, it must be said that having a great venue for wedding photography is a huge bonus. Simply because, you will have a great variety of wedding photos which to remember all the fun you had on your wedding day. We must not forget of course, wedding receptions. Most purpose designed wedding venues and hotels cater for the whole wedding package, while others like churches and Registry Office Weddings only cater for the ceremony. We have also seen, absolutely beautiful venues that have simply accommodated wedding receptions and the after celebrations. Of course, it’s all down to personal choice.

Here is a selection of wedding venues we have visited. Click each location and see more from the day.

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Coombe Lodge Wedding
Coombe Lodge
Rookery Manor Wedding
Rookery Manor
Bath Guildhall Wedding
Bath Guildhall
Roman Baths Wedding
Roman Baths
Bath Wedding
Bath Guildhall
Saltford Bath Wedding
Saltford, Bath
Tortworth Court Wedding
Tortworth Court
Tortwort Court Wedding
Tortworth Court
Cadbury House Wedding
Cadbury House
Banwell Castle Wedding
Banwell Castle
Somerset Wedding
Leigh-on-Mendip Church
Wedding Candid Details
Wedding Candid Details

Walton Park Hotel Wedding
Walton Park Hotel
The Mill at Rode Wedding
The Mill at Rode
Poole court Wedding
Poole Court
Warbrook House Wedding
Warbrook House
Birmingham Council House Wedding
Birmingham Council House
Tortworth Court Orangery Wedding
Tortworth Court Orangery
The Tythe Barn Tetbury Wedding
The Tythe Barn Tetbury
North Somerset Wedding
Hutton Church
Poole Court Wedding
Poole Court
Lacock Church Wedding
Lacock Church
Wedding in Lacock
Lacock Village
Wedding Cars
Wedding Cars
Wedding Camper vans
Camper Vans

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