Wedding Albums

We have ‘partnered up’ with the famous wedding photo album maker in Italy, Graphistudio.

Those who love Made in Italy do so because they look for style, elegance, attention to the details: this is the idea of quality Graphistudio refers to when project its books. Graphistudio books are known worldwide as one of the most accomplished examples of Made in Italy, distinguished for the accurate selection of materials, for research and development at the beginning of the creative process, not to mention the precision of the details. The development Graphistudio enjoyed during the last 30 years has transformed it from Italian national leader to a world leader.

We have compiled a few poplar products below to show you the quality they promise.

The Original Wedding Book

The choice of formats, papers, covers, coordinated accessories and prices is amazingly wide: the perfect option to produce your own, unique, book and to perfectly satisfy all your needs.

The formats

Book sizes range from the majestic 40×50 cm to the new 35×45 cm, the classic 30×40 cm to the compact 25×35 cm and 20×30 cm. The corresponding landscape and square versions are also available.

The papers

You can choose the photographic or the metallic paper with digital laser printing, or as an alternative, the textured, smooth or pearl paper with digital offset printing. All options are available with glossy or matte lamination with the exception of the metallic paper which is already laminated by default.

An example wedding album…

Sample Wedding Album
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Why not order some small copies? Share your emotions with your loved ones. Sharing the most treasured moments with your loved ones is an intense and universal desire, especially when this unrepeatable combination of emotions and art constitutes the visual story of the wedding. The parent and pocket books have been specifically created to fulfil this desire. Their measurements, perfectly proportional to those of the main books, are designed to allow the printing of exact copies with no need to modify or adapt the original files. From the enjoyable 20×30 cm, which can be dressed with a cover identical in material and layout to the one of primary book, to the surprising 4×6 cm, a real miniaturization masterpiece.




Depending on the size, style, build and paper you wish to have in your album, naturally, there are many variations in price.

To give you some idea of a price;

A 25 x 35 cm main album with 30 pages made with smooth or textured paper will cost from £200 (depending on the build, paper, covers etc).

Formats come in Square, Landscape or Portrait style. This is something obviously we can discuss during our Pre-Wedding meeting. Of course, there is no need to make up your mind at this point. I regard this as an optional extra that can be arranged at any time, even months after your wedding, so there is no pressure or sales pitch from us!