What Wedding Photography Style do you like?

Let’s talk about wedding photography styles.

To begin with, for a wedding photographer there are three main styles in weddings today, Traditional, Photojournalistic and Contemporary.

Traditional Wedding Photography

The best way to describe this style is if you first dig out your parents or grandparents wedding albums. There you will notice that the Bride, Groom, family and guests were all carefully posed and everyone was standing stiff-necked, trying to show a hint of a smile. This posed or classic style was prevalent in the non digital age, where the number of photos taken were restricted. Couples had to pay for the film! Traditional wedding photographers rarely captured candid moments, they mainly worked on the key stages of the wedding. As you can imagine this style involves a great deal of intervention from the photographer and a lot of time is needed to set up these formal setups.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

The digital age arrived and all of a sudden there was no restriction on the number of images taken at a wedding. The photographer had a whole new world open up and could therefore experiment. This style has become increasingly popular in wedding photography, also known as Reportage, Documentary or simply Journalistic. The photographer’s aim is to tell a story in the most unobtrusive manner, capturing key moments, showing human emotion in the most natural way. A bit like “fly on the wall” photography.

Contemporary Wedding Photography

The fashion industry brought about an interesting twist in photography. If you look in modern wedding magazines you will see an abundance of contemporary style photographs. It’s not quite traditional but more creative, posed shots using interesting backdrops and complex lighting setups. The images always look impactive I am sure you will agree.

Our Style of Wedding Photography at Highlights Photography

So you want beautiful wedding photos?

Primarily, it’s all about Capturing Moments…

As wedding photographers our approach will usually fall somewhere in the middle. We prefer to call ourselves Contemporary Photographic Story-tellers. The emphasis is on capturing the story and atmosphere from the day, so the viewer looking in has an appreciation of what the wedding was like, rather than a series of pre-determined poses. We tend to chase natural light and use an on & off camera flash rather than using elaborate lighting set-ups. Lets be honest here, the wedding day is about your Big Day and our job is to document it with pictures. Naturally, we will give direction when needed but are acutely aware that you want to spend as much time as you can with your family and friends who may have travelled long distances to celebrate your wedding day.

Our ethos is always to be friendly, professional and as unobtrusive as possible (fly on the wall or candid wedding photography) while capturing the reality of the event with minimal interference. We will attempt to focus on finding those moments during a wedding that happen naturally, rather than staging them, although we still provide some wedding group photos, which the client pre-determines before the day. Other important aspects of any wedding are the candid and beautiful details which surround the married couple. Liz and I enjoy capturing the gorgeous detail shots on a wedding day. Have a look at our candid shots at some of our Tortworth Court weddings. We will always find the time to capture the little details which the Bride and Groom have worked hard to manufacture or purposely hunted down and purchased to display.

We hope you like our style and feel free to have a look around our website. We look forward to working with you.


Barry & Liz

“Photographic trends come and go, but our challenge is to produce for you a beautiful set of timeless images that truly capture your day, so that in years to come you will look back on them and they will re-kindle your fond memories of that special day. It’s all about Capturing Moments…”

Bristol based Highlights PHOTOGRAPHY for Weddings, Events & Family Photography, serving Somerset, Bristol & Bath, Cotswolds, South Gloucestershire and beyond!

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