Newborn Baby Photography in Bristol

Newborn Baby Photography in Bristol by Highlights Photography

Last weekend turned out to be a brilliant but completely different one for Liz and I. Two days in a row taking photos of newborn babies! Although Liz had already taken photos of babies before and she deals with little ones on a daily basis, this was a completely new challenge for me. You just had to say “awwww….” when the little one opens their eyes and attempts to look at their proud parents, studying every movement and sound… “awwww…” On a newborn photo-shoot at your home, you just can’t ignore the baby’s siblings either, so we made sure they were included as well and of course they loved being part of the photography session!! Babies are completely adorable at many stages in their life and parents clearly choose the right time for them to be in a photo shoot, whether they are 10 days, 6 weeks or older, you can get amazing results.

During the weekend, I did laugh to myself, I had forgotten how demanding babies can be and certainly during a photo session, another feeding break, a change of nappy – again! but do you know… the end result was well worth it. It goes to show, a bit of thought and patience and investing in beautiful professional photographs of your tiny little one is something you will never ever regret!

Our huge thanks to the two families that made our weekend possible!! 🙂



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