Wedding at St Mary’s Church, Saltford, Bristol

Bristol Wedding at St Mary’s Church Saltford

It’s Saturday morning of the May Bank Holiday for Liz and I, camera checked, batteries checked, rest of kit checked, weather check? Oh dear. Although it certainly didn’t put anyone off at our Bristol wedding, this particular weekend was one of the wettest, however, someone was definitely looking after us! The rain stopped, the clouds lifted and parted just at the right time over the village of Saltford and for us to take some wedding photography. A brilliant location for Liz & James, a wedding in the heart of this very historic old village. The family pet, came along too and was never too far behind these lovely proceedings. Here is a small selection of images from the main gallery.

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St Mary’s Church, Saltford, Bristol

St Mary’s Church has stood in the village of Saltford for over a thousand years. It is believed to be Norman with an authentic Norman Font still used for christenings today. It was taken away and defaced during the Battle of Lansdown during the English Civil War. It was subsequently found being used as a cattle trough. The rector at the time was never seen again. The tower is believed to be Saxon although 10 feet (3.0 m) have been added and extensively repaired. Originally there were three bells dated 1820, although only one remains and still used. The gallery and porch are 19th-century and is where the organ is. More recently, a window has been added in memorial of the choirmaster for 10 years.

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