Small Details at a Wedding Do Matter!

Wedding Photography and the smaller details

Recently, I was asked whether I captured the small details at a wedding ceremony. What a brilliant question!

Well, to be honest Liz and I enjoy capturing the gorgeous detail shots on a wedding day. No matter how chaotic or behind the day is running, we will make or find the time to capture the little details which the Bride and Groom either, have worked hard to manufacture or purposely hunted down and purchased to display. Sadly, sometimes these items will most likely never be remembered.  “It’s all in the details” is true to life as much as it is to the success of a wedding photographer. You might be thinking, “why would you want pictures of the shoes?” Well, it’s very simple, the little details of any wedding will fade in time. The shoes will be put away, jewellery may break or get lost, the cake will get eaten, the dress will get packed away or sold. It’s just fact. The details make each wedding different. Unique to each couple. This is really important to capture and preserve. And surprisingly enough, Liz and I take it for granted when capturing beautiful pictures of beautiful details, it just seems a natural thing to do.

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